Finnishing Hollywood, Laura Kane

It’s been a while since I have last posted on my blog, and I do apologise for this oversight. Real life caught up and interfered with my virtual life – you know how it is, working and striving for productiveness gets in the way of your hobbies.

This time I am breaking my habits and writing about a Hollywood actress. Yes, you did not misread. A proper actress, crafting a career in Hollywood. She is a fellow Worcester Uni alumni, and a native of the North folk, akin to yours truly. Hailing from Oulu, now living in North Hollywood, Laura Kane was bit by the acting bug at a very young age. Attending ballet classes since age 4, an interest towards the performing arts started brewing in the Finn, despite bouts of shyness.

”It took time to actually realise acting is my passion. At times, I could be very shy, whereas other times I was somewhat of a wild bunch. From my years doing ballet, I remember the first time I had to go up on stage to perform a solo, and it frightened me to bits. I was quite young, and my extensions weren’t always on point”, Kane remembers.

Secondary school classes are what Kane describes as somewhat of a turning point in her interests towards acting. She recounts doing improv with her friends in the school corridors. A vivid memory remains of a time when she had to act angry upon a peer interrupting a discussion, to which her peer was genuinely shocked and thought to have angered Kane for real.

”This might seem silly, but I remember thinking, ’maybe this is a career path I should devote more resources for in order to achieve something’ ” she says.

And devoted resources she has indeed. As mentioned above, Kane studied in Worcester, receiving a Bachelor of Arts with honors in Drama & Performance. Just last year she finished a Master’s degree of Fine Arts in Acting for Film with Honors at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, where she was instructed by Matthew Modine of Full Metal Jacket fame (also for us Finns, Cutthroat Island by Renny Harlin).

While Kane has her master’s in acting for films, she holds high regard for both theatre and film acting.

”I enjoy both, theatre and acting in front of a camera. They have their differences in method, and if one focuses on one over the other for extended periods, a longing for the other increases. Sometimes, however, certain acting classes make up for theatre in a sense and to an extent since here in Hollywood one mostly works in front of cameras”, Kane muses.

In terms of dream roles, she values being cast in parts that require for her to dig and observe herself more thoroughly. Kane describes this as fascinating, especially when there is time to dwell in those characters for extended periods, to grasp a better understanding of the character’s core.

”Of course, strong female characters in dramas and action films or plays interest me as well”, Kane says.

Despite being well-versed in the secrets and art of acting, Kane admits to hold an interest in other aspects of film and theatre production. She believes to have found her calling in the industry, and possesses a well-rounded interest in it as a whole.

”Screenwriting and casting appeal to me as well, and I have dabbled in production and directing over time”, Kane says.

Finding a dream or calling in life is what most people dream of, and while Kane has indeed found hers, it has not been always without a doubt that she has pursued her dreams.

”Have I ever questioned my choices? Yes, I’m not afraid to admit it. Especially when that road took me to the other side of the world, away from my loved ones and family, a shadow of doubt was cast over my path. Nevertheless, when you love what you do and are allowed the chance to fulfil your dreams.. It is not something that you care to abandon at the drop of a hat. The toughest times are when I leave Oulu at the end of a holiday, but when the day-to-day reality kicks in here in Hollywood it gets better. Building a life here makes it easier to cope as well”, Kane says.

Having appeared in multiple short-films already, such as A Choice to Make and The Drawer, Kane has just recently struck a management contract and is well on her way to reach new heights on her career.

Thus without further ado, Media Viking Rants wishes her all the best in doing so, and is set to keep an eye on their fellow alumni.

(Featured photo courtesy of Laura Kane, from A Choice to Make, directed by Joe Basile and featuring Laura Kane.)


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