Below you can find a pdf version of my publication portfolio.

Jaakko Ahlsten Portfolio 2016-02

Here are some examples of older publications and links to those that can be found online.

Publication history:

Oulu New Tech 1/2017

Distributed with Kauppalehti on 6 April 2017. Online version features full-length articles.


Pohjanpiiri 5/2012


  • Oulu University Hospital staff’s recreational Spinning group (+ Photography), p.30
  • Medicongress: future and co-operation in healthcare, p.22
  • Induction room at new facility, p.12


Terveys & Talous 5/2012


  • New healthcare bill and its effects on Oulu University Hospital’s operative unit, p.34


  • Services infrastructure change a topic of discussion at Oulu Health & Economy expo, p.40

Pohjanpiiri 4/2012


  • Safety technologies better the work environment, p.11
  • New cleaning facilities make a change at Oulu University Hospital, p.22
  • Donation for Youth Psychiatry (+ photography), p.26


Episodi 8/2012


  • The Dark Knight Rises



Episodi 5/2012


Critics’ Picks featured critic


Episodi 4/2012


Analyse this – The other side of David Cronenberg



Episodi 3/2012


Martha Marcy May Marlene



Episodi 2/2012


– Martin Scorcese vs. Steven Spielberg



Episodi 1/2012


  • Clooney & Gosling – Hollywood’s elite (Cover)
  • Clooney – Ready for a Descendant?


  • The Dark Knight Rises

Episodi 11/2011


  • Overview of the 55th BFI London Film Festival



Rytmi 4/2011

Feature (short):

  • Skype teaching lessons with Daniel Cavanagh



Pohjanpiiri 4/2011


  • Oulu University Hospital’s surgery staff’s recreational rowing trip (cover+pictures)
  • Oulu University Hospital’s staff training for ER evacuation


Online content

Elojazz review: Ricky-Tic Big Band, Jo Stance & Heikki Silvennoinen

Acoustic Anathema Evening Turku 17/08/2011 review

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