Can you keep a secret…?

I was tasked by powers-that-be (in other words, my tutor on my Internet Journalism module) to keep a blog for assessment purposes (and for the blog I received an A with excellent feedback!). I already was a co-author on another blog, the link for which is in the doobley-doo, but for the purpose of the assignment I had to have my own, separate blog. I will post the reviews I post here on Spell Checked* 3.0 since the module is now over, but no worries; if you like what you see, or hear, they will not be lost in the torrents of the interwebz. I will also keep this blog open as a reference for my own work in the future so my reviews are readable in both blogs. Just keep your eyes open and you will see.

You need to go deeper!


I am now an official freelance writer and my works will be published at least for the time being in two Finnish magazines: movie magazine Episodi and music magazine Rytmi, and for this I am to thank both this blog and a friend of mine who worked at Episodi earlier and suggested me for them.

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